Our Impact

The mission of JCD is to provide leadership through impactful partnerships to enhance and sustain our natural resources. JCD is committed to helping people conserve, maintain, and improve our local natural resources and environment.

Technical Assistance

JCD offers technical assistance at no cost to private landowners in Jefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek counties of Colorado. Our Conservation Foresters and Urban Agriculture/Noxious Weed Coordinator are available to discuss your natural resource concerns and would be happy to visit your property to answer any questions you may have and provide you with management recommendations. 

Project Management

JCD staff can be hired to manage your forestry or noxious weed management projects (within District boundaries) from beginning to end. This includes writing management plans, hiring contractors, and locating external funding sources when applicable. 

In 2020 JCD managed forestry projects on 187 acres and noxious weed management projects on 467 acres.

Education & Outreach

JCD attends and hosts local events to expand our knowledge base and educate the community about natural resource conservation along the Front Range. We also offer a variety of workshops, tours, and presentations each year to educate the public and provide technical training to citizens and landowners.