Landowner Assistance

What do our forestry projects entail?

To mitigate the undesirable ecological, economic, and social impacts of high-severity wildfire, JCD employs mechanical forest management strategies on private property. The goal is to restore and promote regeneration and resilience of ponderosa pine and aspen forest habitat across the landscape through overstory tree removal. This creates openings that promote underrepresented aspen, ponderosa pine, and native grass/shrub/forb communities (ie early seral habitats, which are largely non-existent in the absence of disturbance). Post-treatment conditions are much more likely to support low-severity surface fire, to which the landscape can more quickly respond and firefighters can more safely engage. Harvested trees are utilized in local markets to offset treatment costs.

Interested in learning more about JCD’s approach to forestry and the history and ecology of the forest? Check out our forestry  philosophy.

What does a JCD forestry project look like?

Prior to treatment, project sites typically contain dense, evenly-aged tree stands that lack diversity, offer little habitat for wildlife, and are not very resilient to disturbance by wildfire and insect infestation.

Treatment involves cutting carefully selected trees in an effort to restore the forest to its natural pre-settlement state. Typically, about 70% of trees are removed. After treatment, much more sunlight reaches the understory, allowing shade-intolerant tree species and other vegetation to return and creating a better habitat for wildlife and pollinators. In addition to creating an aesthetically pleasing area that landowners can access and utilize and opening up views, forest restoration work reduces the potential for devastating crown fires during a forest fire.

To see what JCD’s forestry projects look like before and after, visit our JCD’s Projects page.

What kinds of landowners are we looking for?

If you answer yes to these questions, JCD would like to work with you!

1. Do you who want to reduce the potential for catastrophic wildfires on your property?

2. Do you have an interest in the ecology of your property and the greater landscape?

3. Do you have the interest and ability to follow through with maintaining these projects long-term?

What are the steps for getting assistance from JCD?

1. Reach out to JCD and tell us about your property and the concerns you have

2. We can explain the kind of work we do in more detail, talk about project costs and potential for finding external funding sources, and answer any questions you may have

3. Before visiting your property, we will take you on a tour of past projects to show you in-person the scale of the work that we do

4. A Conservation Forester will visit your property and do an assessment of the work that can be done.

5. Together we will pursue funding opportunities to make the cost of doing this work more affordable for you.